Il Borgo valori

Tradition and innovation respecting our history

It is in Val d'Arbia, where pork culture has deep roots and butchering was a country ritual that was handed down from generation to generation and which united the families of the neighborhood in an occasion of celebration that Ciani and Biancucci, after years of experience in the Tuscan cured meats sector, in 1993 decided to start a new sausage factory which in a few years became synony-mous for excellence, quality and love for our tradition and territory.

Il Borgo valori

The Salumificio il Borgo of Monteroni D’Arbia has expanded and enlarged over the years, without however forgetting the solid values on which it is founded. Even today, we dedicate the utmost commitment to every stage of processing, from the choice of farms that grow with care Italian pigs, to the preparation and training of our employees, up to special attention for our customers. The Salumificio il Borgo today produces exactly as it once did Tuscan cured meats of all kinds: from Prosciutto Toscano DOP to our Cinta Senese ham, sausages, coppe, but also roasts of various types. All our recipes are tied to tradition and we only use healthy and genuine ingredients, while maintaining our factory always excellent by state-of-the-art technology.