Il Borgo Qualità

Attention and care for the whole production chain

The careful selection of the raw material is the basis of our work at the Salumificio il Borgo: all pro-duction relies solely on certified Tuscan and Italian farms that produce particularly valuable meats, where healthy and carefully nourished animals are born and grow in Italy. This attention to the origin of the meats allows Salumificio il Borgo to have absolute control over our production process, com-plete traceability of the supply chain and an extremely high quality of the final product.

Il Borgo azienda

All our hams, our salamis and our sausages are produced only from pigs bred and slaughtered on Italian soil, fed with GMO-free feed in excellent farms, which strictly follow all national directives. The meats we carefully select are hand-worked by our qualified staff, respecting the Tuscan tradition. For our cured meats, when possible, we prefer the use of natural casing, more suitable for slow sea-soning and superior aromatic refinement. We carefully choose only high quality ingredients, avoid the use of preservatives and additives and follow the natural seasoning times, to guarantee the genuine taste of typical products made with passion. Our continuous commitment to improving the production process and constant quality control of food has allowed us to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Certification.