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  • Buristo Il Borgo


    Obtained from the so-called “friccioli” (fried meat trimmings not used in other products) added to rind boiled in water. The mixture is then seasoned with salt and spices and a small amount of blood to give it its typical colour. Packed in “muletta” casing it is boiled again in water. Excellent appetiser served on a slice of hot bread.


    1 kg average

  • Pollo in galantina Il Borgo

    Chicken galantine

    Obtained by filling a boned chicken with a mixture of beef and pork and ingredients such as cooked ham, prosciutto, mortadella, carrots and pistachios. It is then cooked slowly in water. The product is eaten cold and is excellent on summer days with a Russian salad or seasonal vegetables served raw or cooked.


    4 kg average

  • Soppressata nella juta Il Borgo

    Soppressata in jute

    Finely chopped head meat seasoned with salt and flavourings packed in a lined bag made of jute and tied by hand. Excellent served directly as an antipasto or ““carpaccio”, finely sliced with a drizzle of oil, lemon and chopped parsley.


    20 kg average

  • Soppressata nel tenotex Il Borgo

    Soppressata in tenotex

    Differs from Soppressata in jute only in terms of casing, which, in this case, is made of a material called Tenotex, and its smaller size.


    10 kg average